New king of Malaysia

A billionaire with his own private army, private jet became the new king of Malaysia

Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar of Johor state of Malaysia has become the new king of the country. The swearing-in ceremony of Sultan Iskandar was held on Wednesday.

He has been elected king for the next 5 years. Since independence from Britain in 1957, the rulers of the Malay Kingdom of Malaysia have held the throne for five-year terms on a rotational basis.

Before the swearing-in, Sultan Iskandar flew by private jet to Kuala Lumpur, where he usually travels by motorcade every year to meet the people. Iskandar, 65, is from the royal family of Johor. According to Bloomberg report, he has assets worth Rs 47.33 lakh crore.

In addition, the Sultan owns 300 luxury cars, one of which was gifted to him by Adolf Hitler. The Sultan also owns several private jets, including a golden-blue Boeing 737.

According to reports, Sultan Iskandar’s family also has a private army. Apart from Malaysia, the Sultan also owns $4 billion of land, Tyresale Park and Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

Sultan Ibrahim has stakes in a number of businesses, from real estate and mining to telecommunications and palm oil. His official residence is Istana Bukit Sirin, a legacy to his vast wealth. Sultan Iskandar also has a big collection of bikes.

Sultan Ibrahim’s wife’s name is Zarith Sophia. She comes from a royal family. Sophia, who studied at Oxford, is a writer by profession and has also written many books for children. Sultan and Sofia have five sons and one daughter.

Sultan’s eldest son and Crown Prince of Malaysia Tunku Ismail has become a Captain in the Indian Army. According to a report by Singapore news agency The Straits Times, in 2007 Tunku Ismail became the first foreigner to command an Indian Army unit.

Sultan Iskandar followed a special diet for the coronation ceremony. According to the New Straits Times, the Sultan wanted to look fit during his coronation, so he went on a diet. During this time he eats plenty of fruits and vegetables and keeps his water intake balanced.

After becoming king, the Sultan said he planned to restart the high-speed rail project with Singapore and promote the troubled Forest City project. In an interview given to The Straits Times in December 2023, Sultan had said – I do not want to become the puppet king of the government. There are 222 MPs in Parliament, but there are 30 crore people outside.

I am not with the MPs but with the public. I will always support the government, but if I feel something is wrong then I will definitely oppose it.

In addition to making major political appointments, the King of Malaysia is the official head of Islam in the Muslim-majority country and commander-in-chief of its armed forces. Malaysia has been facing political instability for the past few years. In such a situation, the influence of monarchy has increased here.

The king in the country changes every 5 years. Malaysia has 13 states and 9 royal families. Their heads are the Sultans of 9 states, who rule for 5 years in turn. The path to becoming king in Malaysia has already been decided. However, secret voting takes place. Ballot papers are used in this.

However, on that ballot paper is written the name of the Sultan whose turn it is to become king. Each voting Sultan is required to state whether the nominee is eligible to become king or not. To become king a candidate must attain majority. After the Voting results are announced, the ballot papers are destroyed in front of the Sultan.

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