Why not put a cover on the phone

Kathmandu. As soon as we buy a new phone, we also buy a phone cover. As soon as we buy the phone, we also start looking at the cover so that the phone screen is not damaged.

By putting a cover on the phone, the phone will remain safe and less likely to be scratched. But there are also damages caused by putting a cover on the phone. Do you know about this?

When you put the cover on the phone, the problem of heating the phone starts to appear. Especially in summer, when the phone is covered with a cover all the time, the mobile starts heating up quickly. If the phone starts to heat up, it starts hanging and starts showing problems like stopping and running.

Some reports claim that there will be problems with charging when the phone is covered. It is also said that when the phone starts heating up, it cannot be charged properly.

If a good quality cover is not applied to the phone, bacteria will start accumulating on it. Also, if the cover is made of metal, it causes problems with GPS and compass.

Nowadays, phone companies are launching new phones with amazingly designed back panels. In this case, if you put a cover on the phone, the whole look is covered.

If you think you should wear a cover to protect your phone, do one thing. Remove the cover while charging the phone. Do not put the phone on the cover even while playing the game.

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