The missing policeman was found begging after 7years

The missing policeman was found begging after 7 years
After 7 years, the missing policeman was found begging by his own mother. A tragic incident has come out of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Mentally challenged policeman Mustaqeem Khalid was missing since 2016 but was found begging by his mother on Tuesday.

According to Pakistani news website The Dawn, Mustaqeem Khalid was recognized by his mother Shaheen Akhtar when she saw him begging at Tahli Mohri Chowk in Rawalpindi.

According to the report, after the search, the local police arrested four members of the beggar gang, including three women. The police have started an investigation to find their accomplices.

According to Mustaqeem Khalid’s mother, it was found that Khalid was tortured and injected by a gang of beggars. Khalid is suffering from mental problems. He got typhoid in 2016 and then he disappeared from home.

Mustaqeem Khalid’s mother Shaheen Akhtar also filed a missing complaint with the local Civil Lines police. It is said that Khalid is mentally ill and goes missing from home due to depression. But the villagers sent him back home again and again. But after he disappeared from home in 2016, he did not return.

Mother and son were reunited when Shaheen Akhtar saw her son begging with a gang at Tahli Mohri Chowk. There were three women and two men in this gang. Mustakeem’s mother said that Mustakeem was forced to beg by taking advantage of his mental weakness.

According to the report, upon recognizing her son, Shaheen hugged him but the other beggars in the gang started beating and abusing her. In the FIR registered by Shaheen, it is mentioned that the gang kidnapped Mustaqeem and forced him to beg.

According to the local police spokesperson, the leader of the gang, Wahid, has been arrested along with three other women. Meanwhile, other criminals are being searched for.

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