Udus terror in France

Like all the countries of the world, France also faces mountains of challenges. France is hosting the Olympic Games in 2024.

However, the energy that he has to spend to make the Olympic Games memorable and magnificent to increase his honor and reputation and show glory is being spent on meetings and planning, that too on a very strange matter. It may sound strange, France’s latest headache is not an enemy country or the worsening economic situation or climate change.

The reason for France’s concern is the terror of Udus. What will happen if Udus attacks the players from other countries coming to the tournament? France is worried about that. France, which is dealing with the problem of Udus, has to get rid of this insect at any cost before the start of the Olympic Games. According to the report, the capital Paris is the most affected by Udus terror.

In fact, over the last few years, wudu has become a national problem in France. Whether it is a house or a hospital or a cinema or a train, there is the terror of Udus everywhere.

Many people are posting on social media saying that they have been bitten by Udus even in hospitals and cinemas. Recently, the UGC cinema there has apologized for one of its customers being bitten by an udus and said that emergency measures will be taken immediately to resolve the udus in the movie hall.

France’s transport minister, Clement Beaune, while writing about Udus terror on micro-blogging site X, said that transport operators should also be aware of the Udus terror solution.

Earlier, the Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, requested the Prime Minister of France to take immediate action on the Udus crisis, which has become a national public health problem in France.

How high the problem of Udus is in the capital Paris can also be known from the latest insurance policies. In Paris, health insurance is now covering the cost of treatment for health problems caused by ablution.

The French Ministry of Energy said that the number of mosquitoes is increasing due to international travel and increasing resistance to pesticides.

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